Kempton New Church School

A Brief History of the Kempton New Church School:

In 1979, some members of the New Church living in Kempton decided they wanted their children to have a New Church education. In September of that year, under the leadership of Pastor Arne Bau-Madsen, they formed a school with ten students—from 1st through 4th grade—in a room rented from a local church. One of the parents, Yorvar Synnestvedt, an educator, was the head teacher, and the others taught alongside him. The next year, the group was given some property with two barns; one barn the parents converted into classrooms (one of the classrooms served as a church for the congregation on Sundays), and the other was used as a gym. The following year they hired another teacher.

Eventually more New Church families moved to the area. Around 1987, with a second gift to the group of more land and an additional barn, the whole plant underwent further conversions, accomplished partly by the parents, this time incorporating a separate dedicated church sanctuary, as well as more classrooms. By 1989, KNCS had over 60 students from kindergarten through 10th grade. In 2015, the 11th grade was added and, in 2016, the 12th grade. This expansion led to the construction of an altogether new addition to the facilities, which was ready for the 2019-2020 school year.