Kempton New Church School

A Brief History of the Kempton New Church School:

In 1979 a number of the members of the New Church congregation in Kempton decided that they wanted their children to have a New Church education. Under the Rev. Arne Bau-Madsen, they formed their own school with 10 students, grades 1–4, in one classroom in a local church. One of the parents, Yorvar Synnestvedt, an educator, became the head teacher, and the others joined in and taught alongside him, helping where they could. The next year a member donated the use of part of a barn, which parents converted into classrooms. The following year they hired another teacher.

As time went on more parents became interested, more grades and classrooms were added, teachers were hired, and ten years later there were over sixty students, from kindergarten to tenth grade, seven full-time teachers, plus a principal, a secretary, and all the parents. The barn, really two connected barns, was converted into a very nice school building, partly by the parents themselves. A third barn became an unheated gym.

Traditionally there has been a high degree of parental involvement in New Church schools. This school, which was begun by parents, has a commitment to serving the home. Its goal is to cooperate with parents in preparing children to be useful citizens in this world, and, more importantly, to become useful citizens of the Lord’s kingdom in heaven.