Kempton New Church School

Chapel Services:

xxx Trust in the Lord
xxx Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me
xxx The Kingdom is Jehovah’s
xxx The Lord is My Shepherd
xxx Jehovah, a Hero of Battle
xxx The Zeal of Thy House
xxx Vinegar Mingled with Gall He Would Not Drink
xxx His Servants Shall Inherit Her
xxx Lead me to the Rock That Is Higher Than I
xxx Bless Jehovah, O My Soul
xxx Unless I Wash Thee, Thou Hast No Part With Me
xxx A New Commandment
xxx Jesus Says to Them, I am
xxx Peter Denies Jesus
xxx The Lord is Our King
xxx I See No Guilt in Him
xxx Who is Our King?
xxx It is Finished
xxx Soldiers for the Lord
xxx He is Risen
xxx He Saw and Believed
xxx Whom Are You Seeking?
xxx My Lord and My God
xxx Casting on the Right Side
xxx See My Hands and My Feet
xxx Jehovah was with Joseph
xxx Joseph is Sent to Jail
xxx The Cupbearer and the Baker
xxx Giving the Cup into the Palm of Pharaoh
xxx He Shall Be as a Tree Planted by Water
xxx Joseph is Remembered
xxx Pharaoh’s Dream
xxx The Seven Years of Plenty
xxx Jospeh Becomes Ruler of Egypt
xxx Surviving Famine
xxx Joseph Calls His Brothers Spies
xxx Joseph Wept
xxx Joseph Returns the Silver
xxx Bringing Benjamin to Egypt
xxx The Brothers Return to Egypt
xxx Joseph Eats with His Brothers
xxx The Cup in Benjamin’s Sack
xxx Judah Pleads to be Taken in Benjamin’s Place
xxx Joseph Reveals Himself
xxx The Goodness of Egypt is For You
xxx Going Down to Egypt
xxx Manasseh and Ephraim are born in Egypt
xxx It May Be That Pharaoh Will Call You
xxx And Jacob Blessed Pharaoh
xxx Becoming the Lord’s Servant
xxx Jacob Nears Death
xxx Jacob Gives Ephraim His Right Hand
xxx The Annunciation to Joseph
xxx Why the Lord Was Born on This Earth
xxx The Written Word
xxx The Lord is the Word
xxx The Lord being Laid in the Manger
xxx Fear Not
xxx A Light for a Revelation for the Nations
xxx Wait for Jehovah
xxx Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh
xxx Fleeing to Egypt

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