Kempton New Church School


School Trips:

Teachers are encouraged to make field trips to reinforce classroom studies and inspire student interest. Permission slips, seat belts for all travelers and chaperones are required for all trips. Permission forms can be downloaded in the “Downloads” section

Family Trips During School:

Some children miss several days of school to go on family trips. Parents must evaluate the usefulness of such trips relative to the challenges of their child(ren) missing school and the extra demands it puts on them and the teachers.

If you are planning to remove your child(ren) from school for travel, here are some reminders of what will make it easier for your child(ren) and us:

  • Notify the Assistant Principal (610-756-6140, ext. 205), as soon as you know of an expected absence. He will make sure that the teachers are informed.
  • Allocate some extra time when you return to help your child(ren) with learning new material. Expect your child(ren) to spend additional time either after school or on homework when they return. Homework can be assigned and completed in advance, such as long term reading assignments, which can then be done while a student is absent.
  • Please contact each of your child(ren)’s teachers to find out what they will miss and how to make it up.
  • Course credit may be affected by absence in grades 9 & 10.