Kempton New Church School


Religious Requirement:

Admission is open to children baptized into the New Church. Any child may be baptized whose parents believe in the teachings of the New Church. Concerning the importance of baptism we read:

[Children] are introduced by baptism into the Christian heaven, and angels are there assigned to them to take care of them, by whom they are kept in a state of receiving faith in the Lord… Everyone is inserted among societies and congregations in the spiritual world according to the quality of the Christianity in him or around him.

True Christian Religion 677

Occasional exceptions to the above rule may be made in cases where the parents are not active in another church or religion, and have demonstrated a sincere interest in looking toward baptism and inquiring affirmatively into the Heavenly Doctrine, by reading, and by attending church, doctrinal classes, and other society functions, and by welcoming regular pastoral visits, for about a year before a child is enrolled. Admission is at the discretion of the pastor. Re-enrollment from year to year is not automatic but will be reviewed annually, and especially before entry into the middle school.

The Kempton New Church School does not discriminate against individuals by reason of race, ethnic background, color, nationality, or gender.

Age Requirement:

Children entering kindergarten should be five years old by the first of June in the spring before they enter kindergarten. Children entering first grade should be six years old by the first of June in the spring before they enter first grade.

Tuition, Fees and Expenses:

The congregation of the Kempton New Church and the General Church provide substantial support for the school. Tuition and fees represent less than 20% of the actual cost per student.

Yearly tuition rates and comprehensive fees are set for our school by the Board of Trustees of the Kempton New Church. Parents are notified of these as soon as the amounts have been established. These are payable in a lump sum or in installments.

Students supply some of their own notebooks, markers and pencils. The children are also occasionally asked to bring money for a special class or school trip, since the school does not normally pay for field trip admission fees. Requests of this sort will be communicated directly to parents.

Health Records:

Pennsylvania law requires the school to maintain certain medical records. Students cannot be admitted to the school unless they have the following:

Private Physician’s Report:
This is a medical evaluation filled out by the family doctor. Forms are available at the school or you can download the Physical Examination form from this site. A doctor’s examination is required before kindergarten and before sixth grade.
Immunization Card:
This is the record of the immunizations the child has received.The school office fills in this card using the vaccination information that comes with the physician’s examination report. One side of the card can be filled out by parents who have a conscientious objection to immunizations. Download the immunization card here. Download the State of Pennsylvania’s schedule of required vaccines here.
Dental Form:
Filled out by the family dentist in 3rd and 7th grade. The form is available at the school or you can download the Dental form from this site.

These and other forms are available on the Downloads page.