Kempton New Church School


The School Day:


Grade 1 and upward, Monday through Friday:
7:45 A.M. (not before)Homeroom time begins
8:00 A.M.First bell rings—quiet time in preparation for worship
8:03 A.M.Second bell rings for worship
Kindergarten, Monday through Thursday:
9:30 A.M.


The whole school has chapel together in the church on Monday.

Grades 1–4 worship in their classrooms Tuesday through Friday.

Grades 5–8 worship together in the church Tuesday through Thursday and in their own classrooms on Friday.

Grades 9–12 worship in the church on Wednesday together with Grades 5–8, and worship Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in the religion room.

Class Schedules:

Please see the teachers or the secretary for these.


Students help take care of their classrooms and the buildings as part of their education. For twenty minutes twice a week they do such things as empty wastebaskets, sweep, wash windows, and clean the art room.

Fitness Period:

During the morning there is a 15 to 20-minute fitness period for Kindergarten through Grade 8, during which the teachers supervise active games.


12:45 P.M. for — Kindergarten: Monday through Thursday Grades 1–6: Monday through Friday Grades 7–8: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Grades 9–12: Monday and Friday 2:45 P.M. for — Grades 7–8: Tuesday and Thursday Grade 9–12: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

The School Year:

The school year is 180 days, usually beginning early September and ending early June depending on snow days, holidays, etc.

Snow Days and Delays:

When school needs to be called off due to weather, or we have a delay, parents will receive an automated phone call or a call from a teacher between 6:00 and 6:30 A.M., if possible.

Power Outages:

If we lose electricity during the school day, the school will notify parents that they need to come get their children.